Friday, 6 April 2012

catching up on ice...

ice heart freezes and melts, melts and freezes

been a little while between journeys
but this one was
to see how water can play with itself
and create all wonderful forms of inextricable
simple and unparalleled beauty

i marvel....

what a true gift to behold
i love that place truly or perhaps this place
that is mother earth's playground
wherever my feet find themselves
it unfolds in always amazing ways

anyway thought i'd share some ice
as we enter easter and it unfreezes itself over there
releasing and bursting forth in new life
and here we prepare for winterness

heart is half frozen
half melting...


  1. icework is beautiful here, our ice went out of the rivers and lake so early this year.

  2. colours and textures are just amazing here!!!

  3. hi imbi. beautiful photos. hope all is well in your world. xx

  4. Dear Imbi

    I enjoy your pictures and words always, it draws us close. That is all dear Gondwana girl. x