Tuesday, 27 January 2009

i left my camera on the bus

as i sit here on the hill close to wellington
i look out over the glowing sun shining through the clouds
over ocean
over sea
this place infuses itself into me
tears from within
fall into the ground
like small drops that lead to the ocean
there is something here that i cannot fathom
something amazing
this world
this time
those eyes
these currents
my heart
all the threads that have bought it all together
i stitch it back together
into a place
a new space
we read poetry today
and stitched
went to the ocean
and my heart made an offering to the sea
i feel what i do not know
and flow with what i cannot sew
and it all comes to pass
in stitches
the quiet beauty i think i have fallen
i am scared
and I stand up
thank you colin, thankyou India, thankyou Felicity, thankyou pounamu, thankyou ocean, thankyou sun, thankyou thankyou thankyou
aoteorea aroha aroha

Thursday, 15 January 2009

welly well ing tonne

hey back in wellington after a big circle around mt.taranaki in a red bubble.....

went to an amazing festival and met great people....highlight was beat boxing and dancing for 3 days and collapsing in a group laughing fit with 10 people rolling around in big lugs of hysterics...also potentially gettting told off for having too much fun!!!! silly sillies but lovely to be with nice people...

realise i am a soul (sole) traveller and have been spending a lot of solo time, which is good cos it makes the people i meet warm and lovely. am looking forward to workshops, even though the town of paraparaumu is a shithole, i am camping next to people who have lived 15 years in the campground....fark methinks. i just want to be around a campfire singing badass 80's songs and giving lots of hugs to people....havn't had a hug for a few days and think i need one....

perhaps tomorrow....

well well wellington...just drank cuban coffee (best yet in nz) and am buzzing, thinking about mazes and trying to work out my own...stuck in my own labryinth of chaos, needing some paint and a big board to sort it out, but they don't fit inside my back pack and little tent tucked in the shit caravan park. I want to camp on the beach again.

city hums behind me, think i might wander in the sun and catch some sniff of something to keep me purring on this path....missing my family and world.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Christ's church

Ahh I find myself in the lovely sunshine in christchurch...cruising around on a little bike with a crazy pink helmut searching for string!
Life is full of adventures over here in New Zealand, am loving the endless summer fun and happy times. Market market fun everywhere
music music wish i was totally healthy and blissing in sunlight bliss....
not sure what i will do tomorrow
galloping across the bay soon to the north
smelling coffee and tui tui
blessed by this green land