Friday, 28 May 2010


can't get comfortable in my shoes...
even though i don't really  have any. 
not sure....twisting and turning.
think food is wise....
coconut also.
hits my head, with life force.
doonk. thud. dent
trying not to go round and round in circles..
around about
it does it doesn't
stupid head.
coconut brain

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


sometimes cracks appear in the armour...
when i am not as tough as what i want to be....
when i want to pretend that i am impermeable,
that nothing can move the mountain.

but sometimes, i am just human...
simple, complex, alive.
no more no less than anything else....
am moved by my soul, this soul
where fire burns, sometimes hot, you get burned

other times we are all just fools....
aboard a rudderless ship. 
landing in places where we do not know

other times, the tyranny of distance
can sway us. move us, destroy us,
erode our mountain
like a river carving valleys.
tired of this stupid love song.
the (uni)verse, poem of love or pain

Monday, 24 May 2010


a while back i lived with the people you see
it was an intense time...
but has shaped part of who i am.

one of my family passed away recently
old johnny...
he was a painter, song man
and eldest son of  old auntie mary.

they are singing now...making baparu, manikay...

ngarri djiny ngamunbarra
ngarri ngadji...
djut djut djani bangadi.


went on the weekend to the opening of 'colour country - art of Roper River'.

got to stand in front of some giant ginger riley paintings....(bit like the one above)
be transported into a world of colour and mystery.
and listen to bossy old ladies tell their stories....
it is a fantastic exhibition, all being told...
loved all the colours....
didn't get bored even....which is unusual.

but really it was ginger who captured my being....
especially the red triangles,
which i can't find images of, but hold dear....

Friday, 21 May 2010

etoile et emo

some things just are funny.....
lately in the studio
took some pix.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

fair weather.....

all hail the blue skies
and beautiful dry season....

found my feet taken on the
Ian Fairweather memorial walk here in Darwin the other day....

it is a lovely little walk near mindil beach, up a hill, over rocks
look to the sea....i was mindful of the man...the artist...

here he is, in his studio....
Ian is famous in my home town (Darwin, Australia)
for living in the hull of an oldboat in Frances Bay,
but mostly because he
sailed (drifted?) in a re-purposed WWII aircraft
across to Timor....the Indonesians kicked him out returned him....

Ian was a prolific artist...he used canvas for his roof
and painted on cereal boxes (my hero)
he was messy, unconventional, and the best....

Sunday, 9 May 2010


on a lighter note....or not
don't know
heres some images of some painty stuff

put leaves on primed, canvas, paint stuff

took leaves off.
left these marks above.
so much fun. 

house guest....

well....told you about my poor little house friend
the cool monitor lizard who used to 
skulk along the back verandah.
now he feeds the bananas
and bones to earth. 
no sign of cane toad. 

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

leaves love light.
light leaves love.
love. leaves. light...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

link it

hey blog land
am meandering through
the muddy waters...
trying to find clarity and direction about new work

how to link paint with plants
but there is no division really

above is erythrina variegata
makes lovely shapes. leaves are beautiful.
think it might be the plant of the week....

love n lee ness