Friday, 29 May 2009


i been i ride around on my bicycle
we seem to be a weird bunch uphere in the northland
stay tuned
telling stories with wacked words
a new language
number plate vocabulary

Monday, 25 May 2009


some paintings i did last year
made like 30
primed cardboard
but just wanted to see what they looked like
so ner....


don't normally do this but.....
went to Bliss n Eso concert saturday
was wicked
still got sore neck
those guys are awesome.

crowd (i jumped alot)
imbi and eso

izm side shot...bit gammon

imbi and izm (i'm so polite)

something about the old skool rifts, scratching and wicked fellas made me smile!!
was fun... i got signed shopping list! And hugs from eso. so silly. but he got really blue eyes.

Friday, 22 May 2009

onley ones - samson and delilah

yep on a recent trip to the beach
couldn't help but find the beauty
that inscribes itself frequently in odd places
this is nothing new really
love the old scratched gum tree
but these ones good
my friend thought i was capturing the lovely textural surface of the bark
bah stuff that
human scratches and destruction
is way more interesting

methinks basquiat would have loved it
by the way...if you havn't seen it yet
you should
samson and delilah
the movie
hits you in the guts
makes you cry
but is a love story
S 4 D onley ones

Monday, 18 May 2009

little prince

i just read the end of the little prince

from the part where he meets the fox

and the fox tells him a secret

i cried a bit for the parting

but then realised that if you do look to the stars

that somewhere

on a little planet is a laughing prince

with a heart

love love

it makes no sense but is the only sense

but when you understand

it is eternal

just like the stars

bless for the little prince

Monday, 11 May 2009


here are some of the latest...but they have all changed a bit
all a bit sad in this here two worlds lately
and my work is tough
dark, messy, sorrowful
and yet i hope there is some love
something that makes us all remember
to love
that struggling and pain is love
that it makes us tougher
and we never really know what effect we have on anyone
that even a glance can make us better
that even a smile can bring hope
even a black mark upon the soul can help us cry out
for love
a thousand words fly out
a thousand words spoken
for love
the hardest and most honest journey.....
apologies for my sorrow
gotta keep it real
hey India if you read this I havn't forgotten our swap!!
Am in Adelaide in Sept...dark scratchy stuff for you witch!!

witches and angels

as i got goosebumps
i got the story today that a beautiful angel i met in NZ passed away....
as i read about witches brewing
i feel his passing
and my heart hurts

even though i only passed his way briefly briefly
he was the most beautiful person i ever saw
he was always radiant
alive and smiling
he was like a magnet
and you saw him and just stared
a shining star
loving life

now gone...bless to this person who really really was special and full of love, even after they amputated his arm...he told the doctor he loved him!

A majical creature if ever there was one, with giant butterfly wings across his back
thankyou thankyou that you were in my dreams
that i met your shining self
and that you fly

pics pics

here's some pics for the aforementioned bapuru:

Monday, 4 May 2009

as time honour of Rraywala mildjingi

i have been thinking about a book my great-grandmother gave to my father sometime around 1950. It was called 'piccaninny walkabout', by axel poignant. It tells the story of a couple of yolngu kids who get lost in the bush and shows how they survive. Amazingly, overtime, this book was given to me as a youngster, who loved it, drew in it, absorbed the black and white pictures of kids playing in another distant world.

And then, years later, i walk around the same beaches, meet the grandchildren, meet the old people who are in the book. Yesterday, here in Darwin was a small was attended by maybe 100 people but I think it should have been witnessed by the whole country! We were celebrating a man, whose face I have known for years, who appeared in the book and whose children I have lived with. His name was Rraywala....he was born here, in mildjingi land:

At the time he was born, most of his family were being killed, massacred and eliminated by pastoralists. When I lived out bush, here in central arnhem land, i was told stories all the time about the struggle to exist, how clans were wiped out, how only one or two men survived from whole clans. No wonder these people are warriors and fighters....anyway....this man, Rraywala had an interesting life. He walked around and befriended a white fella, Donald Thompson, who took photos, fought, lived and learned with the yolngu mobs in Arnhem Land in the 1930-40's. Rraywala fought against the Japanese, moved around, lived his life and ended up passing away here in Darwin in the 1060's. His grave has been an unmarked number amongst thousands since then. That was until yesterday....

It is a beautiful thing to remember, to see stories entwined. to be a part of something that connects us all, whether we be ballanda (white fellas), yolngu, young, old whatever....we all got stories. Mine began as a kid, with piccaninny walkabout...i remeber the tears on the face of the the little girl rrikili in this book and testerday i stood with her family, as they mourned and shed tears over an old man who was gone but not forgotten.

Donald Thomson's family was there, as were many of Rraywala's family,but especially his daughter margaret mayal and son jimmy burrinyila. Margaret is one tough old chook, she kept wacking me on the arm and she thought it hilarious...but i was like,man ouch. She tough. And old jimmy. It was a ceremony to remember, to acknowledge the past and a man who despite everything, just had a damn big heart and forged a connection that spans the country today. They placed, after nearly 40 years a headstone on rraywala's grave and finally his children could spill forth their songs and tears....ngarri marringi, ga nyuni ngadji ngadji ngajie...butdal

and these fellas....the wak waks, well they send it out there....

i will remember.
my feet have walked tthis red earth country
my heart has heard this song
i get goosebumps
i shiver
when i think of the bones underground
and the spirit in the silence.
i will remember things i do not know
i will feel what i cannot understand
maybe one day
i will go back
to where my feet
touch this land
i wail with tears for the dead
for the story untold and unspoken
but i smile
with love for the beginning
i get goosebumps