Monday, 29 December 2008

when i dug for colour.....

this the country
when big storm came over
big wind and cool breath
over landscape

this the secret orange underground caverns of colour tree
hard to find in the matrix of small saplings
looks like sandpaper fig
but isn't

mashed red root muddy
likes to grow and interweave through rocks and sand
blood red bulb
makes brown brave colours

coelospermum reticulatum

haemadorum coccineum

these lovely red flowers make lovely berries on them in january
big wet rain makes them fat
then they burst with the most bold bright purple colour
i am travelling to miss the majik purple juice

snapshots from the box
vaulted dye pot madness
cos its all lines and horizons now

Sunday, 28 December 2008


Ahhhimbi has been totally out of blog action land....

anyway am currently in Auckland
wading through backpacker madness
enjoying the lines, ridges and rises of New Zealand
have been madly filling drawing bookswaiting to attack fabric in lines and lashes,
to interpret what is happening
making marks as i walk over the landscape

man just tried to attach pics...but the internet cafe default seems to think it's not ok!!

man... will i ever be able to crack these techno challenges on the head??
i am tired....

ready to sit in the sun

saw a baby lamb tied to the street pole in inner city Auckland?? I thought strange too but then again i am in New Zealand!

Might go watch the crazy people jump the 220 m from the sky tower

catch you soon

Sunday, 14 December 2008


Imbi is making stuff....
but had her router smacked by a rogue piece of weather
the lightening man again
cheeky spirit
stopped the light from flashing

so no internet to post all the amazing colours
but hoping to post some pics of stuff this week...
went out bush to dig
and have had amazing fun
things are rolling
stitches stitched

but most amazing are the colours

Monday, 1 December 2008


part II: after the epic trailer mission we went to the beach
i spotted:


part I: thinking about
tag rags
and stitching tags onto rags
to make once more things anew

and to stop this stupid rhyming thing
which is just annoying

i took these pics the other day at LeCornus furniture store
i really loved these tags cos I hate LeCornus
please: anti plug
never buy furniture from them, they suck
and the stupid starry light display in the bed section isn't cool at all!
Don't go in's like ranchville americana
could just be the weird darwin franchise???
I remember the stupid ad jingle from when i was younger....
that is totally enough reason to boycott LeCornus

oh yeah it was hot that day

part III: we bumped into professional bird watching tourists in the mangroves
who had a telescopic lens
really big one
and khaki get up
we had to be quiet
think they were french

we licked salt off the mangrove leaves
and talked about pneumataphores (aerial root people)

the end

imbi is wasting time at school
waiting for her feet to walk away
and praying for some ice

melting and falling apart
so i can stitch myself back together
in small lonely stitches

faces appear and disappear
leaving and arriving
wishing to hide