Tuesday, 28 September 2010


a friend came to see me in my uni box/studio/cell/bunker
he is cool
a local photographer, with a penchant for deep thoughts
challenging questions and a need to find answers behind all things
we had a great conversation
he took some snaps
here's the link to Tom's musings.
What he says is all true.

can't seem to upload pics...this new system is shite
any thoughts anyone??

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

darwin rocks

my posting has been somewhat irregular lately
randomly meandering through a variety of themes
countries, ideas and contexts.
thought to apologise for the lack of continuity
in the words of hip hop artist DPZ
'i will not apologize'....

no really, life is often complex, multi-layered,
organic and changing
gotta keep it real....

these are images of home, the rocks close to where i live
have enjoyed being close to the ocean
and being able to always find something beautiful

i am so happy that we have purple rocks
what a colour!

Thursday, 16 September 2010


was playing in studio the other day
made some juice from the leaves of a local plant - cordia subcordata
painted some paint on paper, then poured generously.
the results were quite unexpected, but lovely rainbow slicks....

Monday, 13 September 2010


recently at the cinema
captured the animation
saw robin hood.
feel like shooting arrows
and wearing long skirts

Friday, 10 September 2010


am slightly flabbergasted and stoked

all my life
i usually get asked one of or three questions:
1. Have you always been Imbi?
2. Where does your name come from?
3. What does it mean?

so, i usually reply, in order, yes, imbi is my given name,
the name comes from Estonia and
lastly, I don't know what it means.

but now, after following a lead, I have discovered the origins...
Imbi is the Estonian derivative of the Finnish name Impi.
In Finnish mythology, Iman Impi or Olipa Impi are names associated with the creation goddess Ilmatar,
the Mother of the Waters, who gave birth to the universe.

Finnish mythology stems from the bardic tradition, told through generations and sung for possibly thousands of years....In the late 1800's Elias Lonnrot collated the lines of verse into the Kalevala. The first verse or Runo, sings of Ilmatar and her journeys through winds, water and stars....
"She, the virgin of the air, Beautiful maiden. Nature's child...By the wind the maid was rocked, On a wave the maid was driven, Round about the blue sea surface, By the whirling whitecaps lifted, Where her womb the wind awakened, And the sea-foam impregnated." -Runo 1, Kalevala
It is all interesting...at least now there is a reference. This is a sculpture of Impi Ilmatar:

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

following the fence fcukers

latest favourite artwork in Darwin town....

sometimes art is found in the highest, hottest places....
this reminds me almost of the Utopia Panels by Emily Kngwarreye ...
her work is more refined of course...

it still blows me away
when i see graffiti 'cover-up' jobs like this
why would you cover black with white?

Perhaps somethings are best left to the realm of mystery...
or sublime....

Monday, 6 September 2010

asclepius speciosa

the food of monarch butterflies
the delightful smell across the summer fields
i think it would now look more like dried capsules
with flying tufts of hair lifting in the early autumn wind
thanks to the person who took the following picture
can find other nice pics here