Wednesday, 22 September 2010

darwin rocks

my posting has been somewhat irregular lately
randomly meandering through a variety of themes
countries, ideas and contexts.
thought to apologise for the lack of continuity
in the words of hip hop artist DPZ
'i will not apologize'....

no really, life is often complex, multi-layered,
organic and changing
gotta keep it real....

these are images of home, the rocks close to where i live
have enjoyed being close to the ocean
and being able to always find something beautiful

i am so happy that we have purple rocks
what a colour!


  1. wonderful scratches and marks you've found. I enjoy your posts of all over the map. ;o)

  2. I like this post. It reminds me of how wonderful the environment is here in Darwin.

    We've just spent a couple of hours exploring the rocks along the coast near our place.
    It's magic! There's some amazing purples and blended colour in the clay stone and in the evening light it looks kind of psychedelic and funky. I love this place!

  3. Having purple rocks would be amazing! I just did a post on rocks, which are one of my favorite things ever.