Friday, 27 February 2009

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

skooL - heART room

diagram of the pumping heart

love this man - corpus

well....back to the bedlam of teaching little monkeys in the heART room

this week we have been learning about to draw simple stuff...also snakes, frogs, rainbows, spectrums and other things.

Actaully the kids do amazing inspired everyday by some unthinking act of kids...they do such interesting work....good place to be. Love their work.....I teach kids who sometimes can't hold a pencil, and they make incredible marks.

Anyway here's some stuff:

It is good to be back at work..though I often wonder if I am cut out for it really. But I look through the lens that it is an interesting place to be despite the whinging, discipline and madness that often persists in teaching me about patience....patience.

Also life is busy: have solo show opening March 13th, just moved house, recovering and ongoing break-up negotiations, never-ending life challenges, life administration, kids to cook for, rolls to mark, programs to write, houses to clean, artwork to make, body to exercise, car to clean, shopping, garden, ahhhh ahhh blahhhhhhhh. At the end of the day, usually around 12am at the moment I am knackered and thinking that what doesn't kill me will m ake me stronger! Oh I forget that Lyrdhan my youngest might have whooping cough as welll! SHIT BRO. I reckon....never rains but it pours or purrs....

Feel like I just talk to myself here in blog world...that's ok...will post some pics soon for work have been making for is just a bit full to breaking and am slogging on...

my final thinking is that i bloody need a sewing wrist is feeling RSI and am not really happy with the's getting there, but story cloths are amazingly metaphorical and the one i am making now has a crazy way of mirroring everything that is happening to me....

so shit...hello hello onward forwards upside down...don't step backwards

thinking of Lee Scratch Perry who covered the walls of his studio in X's....think basquiat would have approved....think my students would have just asked a million more questions!!! Ha

wish i was a rock again...that was fun, or a frog that was even better.

Monday, 23 February 2009

where i live

this is where i live
at low tide
when the sea goes out far
making work for brave new world
but constantly feel torn in half
when all things go out to sea
where the river falls
where the soul departs
and is joined into a thousand parts
i think of many things
but mostly love
and it races away
across the sea

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

there is more.....

this lovely lass felicity is special...

this lovely iron pot is special...

here is another sighting of the India flint species I mentioned special

Monday, 16 February 2009


just had to say something about my last days in wellington.....

upside down

so this is the end i told you it was all upside down....think this world is all twisted....

i keep posting things upside friend wrote a poem about it once....maybe i should share....just wait:

found this in there:Sat 15.05.99

Smiling, reading, blue eyes bright with the shine of her inner lightShe is Imbi and more. She is like an ancient Goddess lost and brought to the round world where everything is upside down - but no one realisesShe holds her hand out to whatever it is that shall fall thereHow could anyone be surprised to see the whole world laying softly in her palm...

thanks alibaba loving you matey xxxx

um back to where it's at......oh yeah....

busy bringin it all for show so farish.....

when i was in nz.....

when I was in New Zealand i had a wooked time! Met amazing women, men, dogs, babies, trees and cars! The workshops with illustrious mentor India Flint was special....apologies for being a slack ass and not posting pics prior, but well, life has been a rollercoaster, as always. It was so different, as a mother, to have days on end to make, do and be. I realise now that I am back with girls how much you need to squeeze....anyway won't whinge, cos they are so wooked....maybe i need to do less?

here we are at the creek - the 'y can i'or rather the waikanai, stitching all together in creek bliss....this is stitching detail, loved all that spiral world of nz...moana taught us all her stitching tricks!

Below is the imprinted vision of the elusive character, otherwise known as India flint- a particualr species of majical creature, often found by rivers, sometimes in caves but most often foraging around the eucaluypt woodland floor! The clothing of this particluar species are gifts from nature; sewn with threads of spider webs,coloured by tears of weeping trees and made fast with the heat of intense raging fires. This species is able to live without water, however, requires a few droplets when necessary!

when i was in nz, i had a wooked time....i fell in love with many things.....especially hari-kari, oops, i mean, harikeke!! What an amazing thing, went on sue's bike one day to the valley where lots grow...they were fun to smash!

ahhh the girls from WorkshopI - we all have rosy cheeks cos we just downed a couple of bottles of pink champas...

then we thought it would be good to photograph our stained, stabbed and filthy fingers.....mine and India's totally took the hands were black for a few weeks (actually they still are)...such should have seen the K9 space we invaded!!! It was a complete haven for grots like me!! Bless.