Monday, 30 November 2009

word of hands & toxicity

my friend in tasmania told me about an exhibition

called; light and shade
by Chantale Delrue (pictures above)

I was intrigued, and discovered that she draws stuff and uses natural dyes on paper to make work. WHich is kinda inspiring. Oh and some plants.

I was pondering the toxicity of gum turps

oil painting and using oil mediums

even though it is so lustrous, nice and amazing

i can't help but feel a bit light headed after a painting session.

i hear India Flint in the back of my mind...'of course my petal' she says, 'why would you use that poison?' Of course.

Some of us are just a bit slow.

Perhaps the skanky pot scrapings will become masterpieces.

But, still, I love paint. Paint. Rabbits eyeball and calcium carbonate, ground pig tooth and pigment, black tar and bitch -u- men.

BUt still could try being less harmful to myself and the world.

So thanks to my friend and Chantale and India endlessly.....

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Tuckson/ Tomescu

tony tuckson

Aida tomescu

so excited
a friend sent me the link to a current show @ Liverpool St Gallery in Sydney.
two of me favourite australian painters;

Aida Tomescu & Tony Tuckson (d.)

What a great combination of mark makers and painters.

Also excited cos the director bought me mailbags!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

local art galleries.....


out to arnhem land the other week
heres some local art
and stuff
in no logical order of course
my backyard is big
and sometimes
art happens too.

bush galleries

Thursday, 19 November 2009


...if today was a day
and i was a painting
it would be a cy.
and guts.
sigh for cy.
sigh for cy.
sigh for cy
sigh for cy

cry for cy
i cry for cy
i cry.
cry.for cy.
onley one. cy

might even be a bit too colourful for me today.
the gremlins have me again.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


i had no internet, and have been randomly posting around darwin town
i'm sure of you with limited, slow or variable access
you understand the lack of bloghead...

and to add to the techni-glitchdom i have been sunk into
my nice camera was stolen by a band of thugs (maybe)
who are hopefully using it well...and i can't even take pics on my mobile because the connection cord was in my camera bag that was pinched - so grrrrrrrrrrrr.

but before all of that i have to catch up.
oh and the reason for all of that was that i now have internet.

oh no how did this get lines>>. oh my head. I been at home a lot lately being a mum
we seem to have mutated into half male versions of our selves.
Lucky the heat broke and we have had a cold snap of rain and soggy
frogs singing in soggy
i am brain soggy
oh dear
what about the art??

this is my kitchen ^^^up there


  1. this is my latest great conceptual artwork
  2. it is a site specific installation
  3. i don't know why i have these numbers
it is a metaphor about the destruction of the world
and how we abuse nature and throw away the peel
and about repetition and organisation
subscribing to the machine of non organic lifestyle
whilst at the beach...and it is about colour and how
it has meaning
and how we unfold on life's journey
it is about place
it is incredible
the fragments should make you feel impossible limits of imagination.
it is orange peel.
i ate it.
and the banana.
you can use it.

Homeland hills

recently went down to the place where i was born...
it was amazingly cold, wet rainy and coLd for us tropic dwellers!
Which seems odd because now just a monthish later, my family and friends down there are now having a heat wave!!
heres the snaps:
pic i grew up with - vintage jo davo (me auntie) painting
the castle i love on top of the hill....

it was awesome...tea for two in the rain on the hill with india flint. I got soaked to the bottom of my all stars, whereas india had her purpose built woolly skin jacket which was green and amazing. Oh and of course the fire just appeared to keep me warm...
tea cermony
at its most loveliness

tea and fire...warmed me spirits and soul.

stirling theatre...i starve for old buildings and oaks.

sculpture in woods

sculpture in city at old friendy

oh and we thought the koalas had scratched this but i had to look twice...unless they were tripping out on too many gum leaves which is plausible in my world!!!
thanks india and adelaide homeland hills
hope you can cope with the heat, i loved the rain and storms.