Thursday, 12 November 2009


i had no internet, and have been randomly posting around darwin town
i'm sure of you with limited, slow or variable access
you understand the lack of bloghead...

and to add to the techni-glitchdom i have been sunk into
my nice camera was stolen by a band of thugs (maybe)
who are hopefully using it well...and i can't even take pics on my mobile because the connection cord was in my camera bag that was pinched - so grrrrrrrrrrrr.

but before all of that i have to catch up.
oh and the reason for all of that was that i now have internet.

oh no how did this get lines>>. oh my head. I been at home a lot lately being a mum
we seem to have mutated into half male versions of our selves.
Lucky the heat broke and we have had a cold snap of rain and soggy
frogs singing in soggy
i am brain soggy
oh dear
what about the art??

this is my kitchen ^^^up there

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