Thursday, 30 June 2011

miss mArita

before leaving darwin
i swapped my washing machine
for the above painting by
my friend and artist, MARITA ALBERS...

she is an elusive internet character (i hope you are reading this M!)
but paints wicked stuff.
Marita is well loved in Darwin art scenes and nearly
all my friends have a painting of hers on the wall...
i like it cos all her chicks have black eyes
and bright colours

this lady above i love her
she is mythical
and wrapped in a blanket of tears

i say yes for elusive characters.
with black eyes.
thanks for the wine
and when do you get married?

Thursday, 23 June 2011

blessed family

i am lucky and blessed to have a truly inspirational family!

my uncle,
Stephen Killick
has a recent show/collaboration
at the
Glasshouse in Port Macquarie

there's a beaut interview to read also.

these guys have inspired my life
so gratefull!

on the path...

i  humbly share with you these pictures
last weekend i spent the whole weekend
walking in the forest
wrapped in the blanket of trees, rainforest and sunlight

i stumbled upon, what is for me, THE centre of my experience
right now
unfolding stories scribed on the seams of this ancient eucalypt
she stands tall
and witness to generations of change

in this there is something....

Friday, 10 June 2011


my friend Dallas from Raft Artspace
put me onto the work of Ildiko Kovacs.

there is a restrospective of her work
Down the Line
currently on show @ the Hazelhurst art gallery, Sydney.
I think its nearly worth a trip down the coast for. 

thanks ildiko.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


today my eldest daughter turns 11! happy birthday to her
and happy 11 years of parenting to me...

It is world environment day and i had a butcher bird visit me for breakfast...
and just watched a spider paralyse a bee...eek.

still trying to understand this world and the ever present
constant of finding truth within everything and nothing
have a new studio to play in...

it looks different now broke my back sliced my hands
mowing slashing cleaning and blah
but hard work pays off
and i can watch the trees change colour

this is my fifth studio in no less than a year
no wonder i am tired
onwards and upwards
my grandma says

i just put some drawings up
check them out if you want
go here