Sunday, 13 January 2013

the casuarina tree...a snapshot...

here's some happy snaps from my recent exhibition
the casuarina tree...
works on fabric, blankets, paintings...
really an overall patchwork
of broken pieces gathered together
into this tapestry of sewn together fragments
of life from Darwin to Terania to Wanganui
had the good fortune that my work was
seen by these two great men
who bought and are selling some of my work

but what a huge collective gasp of air it is to have
finished this masters project...
for the first time in three yearsish i have no thought
clouds looming
no invisible lists and deadlines or university paperwork
what a strange freedom it has given me
the double bladed sword of conditional art making
honed with the frame of dissertation and intelligible arguments
back to brush, unrestricted thought forms, free clouds
free roaming research
unlimited creative downloads
and space unparalled

but with this current heat wave
i am mostly turning into a sea creature
or creek slime
enjoying cicada symphonies
a bit of peace and rest
and riding the back log of unprocessed data
that emerges from ones soul
after being in a cage for so long...
there that's my speech for today.
you might find me on warm summer nights
swimming with dolphins.

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