Sunday, 21 June 2009

choice bro

greetings from wellington
am on a hill in a house...just had fun party
hanging with beautiful friends, who are all ace.
Feel so blessed and warm, even in the middle of winter
in this great green southern windy land.
once again feels like i been here forever
but new times new stories
keep on keep on

Monday, 15 June 2009

latest artist

check out this link if you want....

beach bits

while we are talking about trips to the beach and stuff
this is me local...
i go there often to pretend i am a rock
or to pretend that i am the sky
then i find treasure
or light or soemthing lovely
have found lots of rusty stuff
but ususally just like looking
at how it all fits together
and the reddy reds of red
you know about red
some people like green
but i think i am a red person

y'all have to come to darwin cos its warm and lovely and we have pawpaw

and can camp in back yard

but no wool sorry.....

Friday, 5 June 2009

when the light shines

this is an old WWII bunker
the light falls
and captures
life on concrete
this town has treasure
just need to know where
and how
to look

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

poetics of idiocy

when you have a red wall
and someone graffitis it
not sure why you cover it with white
but me loves it
think they look better than
blah red wall

fire fire

just had some lovely visitors
who camped in my driveway
was fun hanging with them
who were sometimes pirates
sometimes clowns
somtimes fezza fire twirlers
but mostly just wicked chicks

they did fire stuff and we watched
or banged drums or something
fire is fire
gotta watch you don't get burned

liking dry season already
let the sun shine
think i need a holiday
and fall into hot spring.......