Saturday, 26 December 2009

the darkness

Amazingly...I have been painting in fairly monochromatic colour schemes over the last bit. The latest is syrupy dark black sepia coloured ranging into white and black with grey. 

The other day I did a painting and low and behold....GREEN appeared. It was kinda scary. It intrigued me and felt rightly wrong and lovely all at once.

Over the years, most of what people say about the work I do is "it is so dark", or "you should use more colour" or blah. Well, interestingly the colour that I always have used most of is white and black you only need bit anyway. I was reading about the Austrian artist Hundertwasser the other's what someone said:

" is not the same as darkness, black is a vibrant colour fully the equal of any other hue. Darkness, rather, is the depression of the colour scheme to the lowest values...abscence of colour is not the same as lack of light". 

Hundertwasser had a psuedonym or philosophy of 'dunkelbunt': dark colourful or "a darkness consistning of the greatest possible concentration of saturated colours, glowing out of an endless depth..." 

So there...a huge sigh of colourful relief and validation that the darkness illuminates....which reminds me of the black feathers of crows. They are black and full of all colour, but secretly underneath the down feathers of all crows is white.

Saturday, 19 December 2009


latelyness in the studio
has been fun
(apologies for crapness of is a poorly substitute for camera proper!)
you get the idea maybe


As the christmas messages keep rolling in,
I am reminded of the importance of the season
to rememeber....
to love
to give and share
and embrace all the beauty
which is there and here.

I am celebrating new growth
being a part of everything
and a part of you.

As for the mass celebration that is christmas
I think of it as the 'merry $icknes$'
and am more excited about truly giving
to my family and friends
not presents or things
but time and by being present!!

And as for the world, I think instead of wasting time buying useless crap
(only >5% total goods consumed in America last longer than 6months)
make something
plant trees
hug someone
sing loud
eat something tasty
plant more trees

There you go....happy season.
Conquer your empty fears...
I will too......

Saturday, 12 December 2009

eye of the storm.....

woah and wow and ahhhhhh
we have been in the midst of a tropical low, currently moving into a possible cyclone
i live in the place where i put the red dot!!!
the eye of the storm.
it has been windy
raining raining raining raining and raining
so much water
so much weather
full on
bring it on!!!!

never rains but it pours.....

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


today am thoughtfullllll
about how life changes
all things pass
all things grow

a family friend passed away
he had an overdose
so i am thoughtful
and heartfelt

it can be so clear and beautiful
yet hazy and unclear behind

sometimes we can be alone
and forget that there is so much love

makes me feel that life is short
and you gotta live
in totality
in goodness
embrace it all
and live
live live
it is beautiful and hazy
clear and out of focus

my lovely cousin says:
"i have all the room
in my world for you"
it is true
ps the photo is a baby Buchania obovata