Tuesday, 28 July 2009

blah bits & fear-less

i had my mobile phone around the other day
to take crap pictures of some works in progress
i thought i might be getting lighter
oh well...
they have all changed a bit since this

have been pondering
about lines and tracks
actually havn't been pondering anything
cos try to be mindless really
and fearless about trying to care
fearless about fucking up
fearless about anything or mistakes

just like moments in paint time
that fall onto surfaces

not careless
but fearless

(these photos don't do no justice to real stuff...
you'll just have to come over for a cuppa tea if you wanna see real bizz)

why are these lines here?

Monday, 27 July 2009


recently i travelled to aotearoa
it began with some vague sensibility about something and nothing
thinking nothing really, but some lines and fuzzy black cloud castles
i felt hanging
i felt like i had holes to fix
and darkness to face

then i entered the web of me own mind
it was a bit chaotic in there
oredered and churned
mixed on mountains, fused in whanae
blessed and cursed all at once

it's always a bit messy
the poetry was profound
the speaking even more painful

then i left
and sat in the bris-bane sub way
as the trains burned i waited and wiated
fixated by commuters in their underground
a world of no sunlight
i was patchy and delirious

reality seemed orderd to me really

then i flew home
lines, triangles, webs and icicles later
i realise that i am far more at home
when the ferns unfold
when the sun shines
and fire burns
but i like drawing
i like giants
i like X
and being silly
so there

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

yes you can drink it

the contents of spilt drink
way better than Adelaide drinking water for sure
less lumpy
less green

Saturday, 18 July 2009

lazy lion lizard brain

havn'tgot much to say lately really
been bumming around

sunlight and sunsets
friends, love, company
been playing my guitar
and singing a lot

ready to be a bit more productive
been like a lazy lion lizard
sleeping and chilling

so good so good

is all radiant

and calm