Monday, 27 April 2009


my recent adventure to the stupid market was eventfull......
some big greek fellas were ripping apart the atm.
while my friends roam the planet - i seem to find the amazing in the ordinary...or is it?

Monday, 20 April 2009

strange happenings

I have a query........
hmmm seems like interesting things happen at my house! though i am sure there is a logical solution to it.

I had previously dyed some cotton with a local plant known as colour tree (pictured above), coeleospermum reticulatum, which turned the fabric a lush yellow colour (see above). Somehow one piece of this fabric ended up being chucked irreverently into my shower sopping up all the soap and shampoo bits.

Anyway the end result was i noticed it looked slightly different, took it outside (my shower is dark) and low and had turned red!

I love colour tree; it is amazing...I know when I lived out bush that to get red you add coconut ash (there I guess I answered me own questions) however, I guess I wonder if soap can be used instead of ash to create the same effects?? Not sure, it would seem a lot less painful to chuck in some lux flakes in a dye bath than make a fire and collect the ashes. I love making fires, but my neighbours probably hate the smoke and it's hard to get motivated to get out of town....
Also the name for this tree out bush is milwakwak, which literally translated means mil = eye, wakwak = crow, eye of the crow. Which I didn't understand until one day I looked at the berries...when they get old they turn dark black with a white dot in the middle, looking just like the eye of the crow.
Anyway musings musings....

Thursday, 9 April 2009

cranks my goat

just another thing that had to

title: 'pre-schoolers to recieve career counselling'.

Do i really need to say anything?

bloody bugger - when worlds collide

i was reading an article the other day about Rothko and his later works. They all are dark with red and black....bit like this: Rothko pictures apparantly you have to see in the flesh - the colours smack you in the gob and heart and make you feel. His paintings, it is claimed, have the highest rate of burst into tears viewers...powerful stuff. Upon seeing one at the NGA, apparantly kimberly old man legend artist, Rover Thomas said "who's that bloody bugger who paints like me??"
Love it.
This is rover:
Just had to share.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

something about this guy

despite all the noise that is probably buzzing around this 'guy' at the minute....i didn't really like his portrait of gurrumul....however, perhaps i simply need to see it in the flesh. I have seen gurrumul quite a few times here in Darwin, I remember the first time was years ago...he simply came on stage and started singing...and it is true, i got goose pimples and tears just poured, something soul inspiring in his songs....maybe it is that i have sat on country, heard the manikay, felt the river of ancient ancestors which cross the land...not sure

but back to these pictures...i have spied on this guy's paintings for the last couple of years and love em to bits....i even felt like going to the big smoke just to meet him...but now he's all famous and stuff, probably have to book 5 years in advance for a 5 minute nothing. Anyway, i might just believe in the amazing powers of the universe to meet people who endlessly inspire me....have been blessed to have met so many inspiring peoples and will just have to have cyber artist crush (seem to have a few lately).

anyway, perhaps it is just the scratchy, messy, painty marx that i make i seem to resonate with these..........

paint em up....

our after school activities include amazing body art adventures! we had fun in sun.
we were getting ready for our weekly ceremony, painting up...