Sunday, 5 April 2009

something about this guy

despite all the noise that is probably buzzing around this 'guy' at the minute....i didn't really like his portrait of gurrumul....however, perhaps i simply need to see it in the flesh. I have seen gurrumul quite a few times here in Darwin, I remember the first time was years ago...he simply came on stage and started singing...and it is true, i got goose pimples and tears just poured, something soul inspiring in his songs....maybe it is that i have sat on country, heard the manikay, felt the river of ancient ancestors which cross the land...not sure

but back to these pictures...i have spied on this guy's paintings for the last couple of years and love em to bits....i even felt like going to the big smoke just to meet him...but now he's all famous and stuff, probably have to book 5 years in advance for a 5 minute nothing. Anyway, i might just believe in the amazing powers of the universe to meet people who endlessly inspire me....have been blessed to have met so many inspiring peoples and will just have to have cyber artist crush (seem to have a few lately).

anyway, perhaps it is just the scratchy, messy, painty marx that i make i seem to resonate with these..........


  1. these paintings are brilliant...liking the delicacy of the botanica amid the abstraction

    did i mention i had scored the catalogue from the Tony Tuckson retrospective [held some time ago...] . edibly good.

  2. oooohhhh - me jealous! Love to check it out. Tony rocks the house!

    Yep the works i like most are these botanical scratces amidst paint, noice....he seems to not do this so much anymore, oh well!

    Happy Easter!!!