Thursday, 9 April 2009

bloody bugger - when worlds collide

i was reading an article the other day about Rothko and his later works. They all are dark with red and black....bit like this: Rothko pictures apparantly you have to see in the flesh - the colours smack you in the gob and heart and make you feel. His paintings, it is claimed, have the highest rate of burst into tears viewers...powerful stuff. Upon seeing one at the NGA, apparantly kimberly old man legend artist, Rover Thomas said "who's that bloody bugger who paints like me??"
Love it.
This is rover:
Just had to share.


  1. i was in a roomful of rothko's in new york a lifetime ago and everything you wrote is true

  2. bloody bugger....i can only imaginate...being in front of colin at tepapa was a bit of a thing, but Rothko....