Thursday, 30 June 2011

miss mArita

before leaving darwin
i swapped my washing machine
for the above painting by
my friend and artist, MARITA ALBERS...

she is an elusive internet character (i hope you are reading this M!)
but paints wicked stuff.
Marita is well loved in Darwin art scenes and nearly
all my friends have a painting of hers on the wall...
i like it cos all her chicks have black eyes
and bright colours

this lady above i love her
she is mythical
and wrapped in a blanket of tears

i say yes for elusive characters.
with black eyes.
thanks for the wine
and when do you get married?


  1. much better to look at than a washing machine

  2. .... though, I'm loving the washing machine! Never would've thought I'd love any whitegoods... perhaps the washing machine has acquired a bit of extra character, now that it has a backstory? Anyway, so glad that you and the crow woman are enjoying each other's company... the perfect home for her. x

  3. Lovely, lovely painting! how do you wash your clothes, now?