Monday, 30 November 2009

word of hands & toxicity

my friend in tasmania told me about an exhibition

called; light and shade
by Chantale Delrue (pictures above)

I was intrigued, and discovered that she draws stuff and uses natural dyes on paper to make work. WHich is kinda inspiring. Oh and some plants.

I was pondering the toxicity of gum turps

oil painting and using oil mediums

even though it is so lustrous, nice and amazing

i can't help but feel a bit light headed after a painting session.

i hear India Flint in the back of my mind...'of course my petal' she says, 'why would you use that poison?' Of course.

Some of us are just a bit slow.

Perhaps the skanky pot scrapings will become masterpieces.

But, still, I love paint. Paint. Rabbits eyeball and calcium carbonate, ground pig tooth and pigment, black tar and bitch -u- men.

BUt still could try being less harmful to myself and the world.

So thanks to my friend and Chantale and India endlessly.....


  1. yes, even acrylics which is what I work with as warnings on the labels-- some are toxic too.
    But love the paint -- luscious layers and layers of textures-- too much to give it up. I like this artists work.