Thursday, 12 November 2009

Homeland hills

recently went down to the place where i was born...
it was amazingly cold, wet rainy and coLd for us tropic dwellers!
Which seems odd because now just a monthish later, my family and friends down there are now having a heat wave!!
heres the snaps:
pic i grew up with - vintage jo davo (me auntie) painting
the castle i love on top of the hill....

it was awesome...tea for two in the rain on the hill with india flint. I got soaked to the bottom of my all stars, whereas india had her purpose built woolly skin jacket which was green and amazing. Oh and of course the fire just appeared to keep me warm...
tea cermony
at its most loveliness

tea and fire...warmed me spirits and soul.

stirling theatre...i starve for old buildings and oaks.

sculpture in woods

sculpture in city at old friendy

oh and we thought the koalas had scratched this but i had to look twice...unless they were tripping out on too many gum leaves which is plausible in my world!!!
thanks india and adelaide homeland hills
hope you can cope with the heat, i loved the rain and storms.


  1. bring back the storms
    might find an Imbi in a puddle

  2. beautiful painting. I miss the fields and the grey drizzle of my homelands too.