Monday, 12 October 2009

lost at sea....

ooo had the exhibition opening...all was good. Chased my friends little baby around the gallery, on hands and knees. Much more stimulating than having to explain the complex process of mark making and buying and selling of art business!!!

If you wanna look go to:
Is all there.


  1. Saw your gallery show and all looked so dynamic and full of life and energy-- I am a fan of your work. Best wishes for a good show and some sales.

  2. i went.
    i looked.
    and looked some more.
    india in the puddlecountry

  3. I found you through 'not all those who wander are lost' where India posted a link to your mailbag art.

    This is what I had said: Today I spent a few more hours looking at different art blogs and there is a considerable amount of interesting artwork to be seen.

    Especially in the originality of how materials are being applied and your finding of Imbi Davidson's work is a prime example of what I mean. Who would have thought to reuse mailbags as a surface and now I am wondering what I did with mine from the post office.

    The more I view all these wonderful blogs, I feel we finally have entered a new form of expressing our artistic vision.

    I was most intrigued by the fence wire dying.

    Thank you for sharing

  4. Love your work. Loved that you crawled around with the baby. Congratulations! xxoo

  5. such good work. wish i could see it up close and personal.

  6. Very dynamic brush work, lovely surfaces and colors, juicy stuff! Adults should spend more time at ground level, we forget all too quickly the wonders of lying under tables, looking up through lamps from down there...such amazing things are to be found while crawling on one's hands n' knees! I've passed through this blog before, and will pass through again, thanks for sharing your work with the world!

  7. Congrats on the show - fabulous work!