Monday, 16 February 2009

when i was in nz.....

when I was in New Zealand i had a wooked time! Met amazing women, men, dogs, babies, trees and cars! The workshops with illustrious mentor India Flint was special....apologies for being a slack ass and not posting pics prior, but well, life has been a rollercoaster, as always. It was so different, as a mother, to have days on end to make, do and be. I realise now that I am back with girls how much you need to squeeze....anyway won't whinge, cos they are so wooked....maybe i need to do less?

here we are at the creek - the 'y can i'or rather the waikanai, stitching all together in creek bliss....this is stitching detail, loved all that spiral world of nz...moana taught us all her stitching tricks!

Below is the imprinted vision of the elusive character, otherwise known as India flint- a particualr species of majical creature, often found by rivers, sometimes in caves but most often foraging around the eucaluypt woodland floor! The clothing of this particluar species are gifts from nature; sewn with threads of spider webs,coloured by tears of weeping trees and made fast with the heat of intense raging fires. This species is able to live without water, however, requires a few droplets when necessary!

when i was in nz, i had a wooked time....i fell in love with many things.....especially hari-kari, oops, i mean, harikeke!! What an amazing thing, went on sue's bike one day to the valley where lots grow...they were fun to smash!

ahhh the girls from WorkshopI - we all have rosy cheeks cos we just downed a couple of bottles of pink champas...

then we thought it would be good to photograph our stained, stabbed and filthy fingers.....mine and India's totally took the hands were black for a few weeks (actually they still are)...such should have seen the K9 space we invaded!!! It was a complete haven for grots like me!! Bless.

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