Tuesday, 27 January 2009

i left my camera on the bus

as i sit here on the hill close to wellington
i look out over the glowing sun shining through the clouds
over ocean
over sea
this place infuses itself into me
tears from within
fall into the ground
like small drops that lead to the ocean
there is something here that i cannot fathom
something amazing
this world
this time
those eyes
these currents
my heart
all the threads that have bought it all together
i stitch it back together
into a place
a new space
we read poetry today
and stitched
went to the ocean
and my heart made an offering to the sea
i feel what i do not know
and flow with what i cannot sew
and it all comes to pass
in stitches
the quiet beauty i think i have fallen
i am scared
and I stand up
thank you colin, thankyou India, thankyou Felicity, thankyou pounamu, thankyou ocean, thankyou sun, thankyou thankyou thankyou
aoteorea aroha aroha


  1. Such a profound impact Imbi.


  2. me, i'm still up and away on today's poetry and moments of enchantment...arohanui

  3. Dear Imbi
    I hope u got home well and are enjoying the company of loved ones. I missed u that last Sunday and visited Asia Gallery with my mum. As we left the woman who runs it handed us a bag full of old old silk bits and cotton textiles - rolls of stuff. I missed u then. I loved meeting you, enjoyed your work immensely (was so inspired by where u went with so many things) and I wish u well in ur ventures from here on in. Arohanui Rachelle