Monday, 1 December 2008


part II: after the epic trailer mission we went to the beach
i spotted:


part I: thinking about
tag rags
and stitching tags onto rags
to make once more things anew

and to stop this stupid rhyming thing
which is just annoying

i took these pics the other day at LeCornus furniture store
i really loved these tags cos I hate LeCornus
please: anti plug
never buy furniture from them, they suck
and the stupid starry light display in the bed section isn't cool at all!
Don't go in's like ranchville americana
could just be the weird darwin franchise???
I remember the stupid ad jingle from when i was younger....
that is totally enough reason to boycott LeCornus

oh yeah it was hot that day

part III: we bumped into professional bird watching tourists in the mangroves
who had a telescopic lens
really big one
and khaki get up
we had to be quiet
think they were french

we licked salt off the mangrove leaves
and talked about pneumataphores (aerial root people)

the end

1 comment:

  1. must be the week for indigo, i spotted one down south in Canberra!
    is Darwin afflicted with LeCornus too? or have you wandered down to the bottom of our big red island....