Friday, 22 May 2009

onley ones - samson and delilah

yep on a recent trip to the beach
couldn't help but find the beauty
that inscribes itself frequently in odd places
this is nothing new really
love the old scratched gum tree
but these ones good
my friend thought i was capturing the lovely textural surface of the bark
bah stuff that
human scratches and destruction
is way more interesting

methinks basquiat would have loved it
by the way...if you havn't seen it yet
you should
samson and delilah
the movie
hits you in the guts
makes you cry
but is a love story
S 4 D onley ones


  1. on trees, under picnic tables, behind the door and in the sands....

  2. everywhere everywhere...even at the stupid market!!! Just have to open the eyes really!!!