Monday, 11 May 2009


here are some of the latest...but they have all changed a bit
all a bit sad in this here two worlds lately
and my work is tough
dark, messy, sorrowful
and yet i hope there is some love
something that makes us all remember
to love
that struggling and pain is love
that it makes us tougher
and we never really know what effect we have on anyone
that even a glance can make us better
that even a smile can bring hope
even a black mark upon the soul can help us cry out
for love
a thousand words fly out
a thousand words spoken
for love
the hardest and most honest journey.....
apologies for my sorrow
gotta keep it real
hey India if you read this I havn't forgotten our swap!!
Am in Adelaide in Sept...dark scratchy stuff for you witch!!


  1. it might be a fulthy gutter [oops, bit of an enzed typo there he he] but up above there will be stars
    sometimes ya gotta wait for the clouds to clear so's you can see them

    know that you are loved and that it doesn't dilute with distance [unlike stuffing dyepots with cloth]

    and how did you manage to sneak a shot of my favourite Colin painting...the camera nazis always seem to have a watcher out to foil me...
    see you in septemberiness

  2. imbi be favourite colin as well...rain

  3. whats your sorrow?