Tuesday, 3 July 2012


ok. this blog is as rusty
as my banjo strings
its been an interesting time
feeling the cave and inhabiting it
the 'guvment' gave me a new satellite dish
so now can blog to my hearts content
and catch up on all things
random...oh la la...
thanks nbn...
was good to drop out actually
of the hype, updates and endless drama
that seems to play itself out in cyburbia...
now i re-enter with a reserved demeaner
and less anxiety
realising that reality is far more exciting!!

Art has been as erratic as the weather
ebbing between moments of sunshine
and torrential downpours.
Mostly been writing my exegesis thingy
which is too wordy and messy
and nonsensical
perhaps it is no different to painting...(?)

however, between the gaps
horizons have appeared
making marks with Dorothy Caldwell
was like shaking off the dust
meeting old and new 
coming back to the source of the scratch
got to make books and put holes in stuff
paint things burn and sew
am so grateful


  1. Welcome back Imbi. The arts ebb and flow but an outlet is always created by the energy. I loved seeing your marks made in the Dorthy Caldwell event. I recognized them as yours right off.