Tuesday, 21 February 2012

mon pays c'est l'hiver...

palettes are useful for not only holding and carrying and shipping
most of our food and goods around the globe...
palettes of the untreated kind can be recycled to make a very serviceable firewood
and furthermore...
while chopping them up you can play with them, reuse them
and paint on them!!
Above are some happy experiments on the humble palette,
amazingly we discovered all sorts of beautiful timbers, hardwoods and grains
so fun to paint and play with...
the path is about reusing what is abundant..
at hand, and sustainable...
i like that.
and recycling. i like that...
oh and painting with just 3 shades
makes an enticing number of colours...


  1. Nice post ,top painting is stunning.

  2. Clever gatherer of painting surfaces! Each one is beautiful. Love this post.

  3. without doubt, one of my favourite mark makers sister. how do i get one of your works. flick me some deets. own one i must. they always hit me in the guts and resonate. x

  4. I agree with David, but I can't pick a favorite. Your textured surface paintings have great appeal!