Sunday, 5 June 2011


today my eldest daughter turns 11! happy birthday to her
and happy 11 years of parenting to me...

It is world environment day and i had a butcher bird visit me for breakfast...
and just watched a spider paralyse a bee...eek.

still trying to understand this world and the ever present
constant of finding truth within everything and nothing
have a new studio to play in...

it looks different now broke my back sliced my hands
mowing slashing cleaning and blah
but hard work pays off
and i can watch the trees change colour

this is my fifth studio in no less than a year
no wonder i am tired
onwards and upwards
my grandma says

i just put some drawings up
check them out if you want
go here


  1. Hello and happiness to both of you!

  2. 5 studios in a year! Well that's one way to clean out the junk! I hope you enjoy this one a good long while, and the changing views as well.

  3. How very disruptive! Hope you can settle down to some peaceful and productive creating.