Tuesday, 31 May 2011

questions to you....

these are questions i am asking myself
and thought i would put them to any one in blog land out there....

I am asking...
What is your inspiration?
What is at the core of your practice?

Is it the twinge on a leaf?
Is it the swathe of emotions spinning evermore?
Is it dense layers of history engraved on an city walls...

What place does nature hold for you as an artist?

Just wondering about it all in this weird digital age...
how relevant is the timeless, the hand made, the real?

Understandably a ridiculously huge/vast question....

i offer flowers as thanks for your thoughts or none as well...


  1. Imbi, I don't know if I can call myself an artist...or if I'm someone imbued with art. Whichever, Nature underlies so much...it's what encompasses and moves the rhythm and health of our life, it allows us to speak and feel, it is itself an artist, awesome yet subtle.

  2. There is so much that inspires. It comes from the heart not the mind. A memory, a beautiful scene, or just a deeply felt emotion.

  3. For me it is visual memories that lie at the very heart of my work. But structure and layering are the visual qualities that I seem to use again and again. This was a good question, really useful for starting me thinking about making sense of my practise.
    Kathryn x

  4. food for thought.......When am I inspired? When an artist creates a work of nature........when nature takes my breath away in the color or shape of a seed.......or the cellophane green leaves of spring as the sun sets behind them........or when an artist has captured a concept......and I think, gosh......I could do that......and as I attempt to do just that, something unique and beautiful comes from my effort......inspired by hers........

  5. Art?
    I am alive and there must be art in that.
    If there is no beauty I feel diminished and the loss drives me crazy to create... something. Though no one would probably call it art... but I didn't say I am an artist.
    Feeling in the right place at the right time
    Like when my little boy stops his bike in the middle of the street to pick up a frangipani just to smell it and he's in bliss.
    I can only find beauty and art in Nature... it is nowhere else!
    Those things you mentioned are the only things that are relevant, if we are spirit having a human experience timeless must be where we are from and deep down we know it's home, made by hand gives us the tactile human experience we are here for... really! Elvis shot up his Telly... There was nothing on!