Tuesday, 4 January 2011


as y'all might know...we are having big rains and disastrous flooding...
I am sitting here on the coast of Queensland
with some cane toads...


can't go up can't go round can't get through...
too much water everywhere...
the floods are hugeamungus.
after driving 3000km in perfect conditions
seems now have to sit by the big creek
for about a week or two
till the road opens.

so am in airlie beach, hanging, hoping watching...
i sit int he night light with bugs attracted to the light
a cane toad waits patiently an arm length away
ready to snap up some tasty winged thing.
never knew the sound they made when they snap up something, is cool.

it has been a beautiful drive nonetheless
spent the day in downtown bowen, with some black cockatoos
first touchdown on eastern ocean,
and the whitsundays are breathtakingly lovely.

but my mind races, like a torrent of water
flooding the highways
just want to drive through...get to the other side...
start new life...
patience is my great teacher these days...
or rather...no matter the path,
keep the head up
fight the good fight
and stay strong.

anyway, is a good opportunity to start a new blanket
for my daughter.
Maybe when i get to rockhampton, i can help shovel sandbags
at least i have a home on the other side
and hopefully all my worldly possessions
in boxes somewhere.
i am lucky.
heart goes out to all the people who have totally lost everything
in these murky, soily waters....

keep on keep on y'all, much lovin.


  1. could be wuss
    could still be in bed with the flu of swines...

  2. you're stuck in there ... i'm watching news and such from Brisbane and wondering about all these people and places and the critters and then later...
    thanks for the poetic view form your wait!

  3. long drive
    long wait
    pretty country !