Sunday, 9 January 2011

sTuck - part II

greetings from Black Water
coal country, central queensland.

some adventures to date include:
jet skiing around the whitsundays
dolphins so close it makes you want to smile
storm cloud surfing
tent sleeping
waterfall swimming @ Eungalla
weeding for camping
eating slaty beef with Wazza and Dog
washing clothes in the creek
driving like a crazy woman to hopefully get somewhere else
a speeding fine (never had one in 12 years of NT)
drinking XXXX at the local pub
seeing coal mines close up
Ulysses butterflies
tree goannas
black cockatoos
driving through post-flood town Emerald
inhaling the smell of flood ( gristle, mud, mould & grass)

it has been a crazy adventure. wish my camera was working.
my regret to not stop at Comet to see the Leichardt Tree, which the explorer Ludwig carved back in the 1800's  irks me. Wish i had stopped.

i learn: patience, patience and i think patience.
might sink some clothes in flood waters; pre-mordant for better days...

the road sinks its swirling self into me.
It is an interesting place to be.
not sure what is around the next corner!

to be continued.....

1 comment:

  1. i prefer bushfires
    at least
    your stuff doesn't end up all over somewhen else's yard