Monday, 7 September 2009

cross. again.

today is monday.
um....want to say something profound but it's all a bit confused.
Not very cohesive.
Lost at sea in a whirlwind really (as usual it seems....damn)
I am otherwise known as 'their mother'
and apparantly am lots of things
don't like it when people say things about me
what is truth anyway, we all see it from various angles
just like the way we see anything
some see just scribble
others see beauty
some see the struggle behind the layers
others see a story
it is all true, and i am 'their mother' and blow me down
i am cross.
the x.
damn it all into the black hole of calcutta......


  1. Heart on a page...breathe...heart beat...

  2. let the viewer take away what they want or can-- whatever the scribbles or scrabbles-- as you said some will see beauty and some will scratch their heads.

  3. clicked before I finished my last comment.
    I meant to add that I see the beauty in scratches, scribbles, mark making-- they look free of restraint.