Friday, 28 August 2009


... bought a washing machine!
Have been hand washing all year, loving the smell of me clothes
but decided amidst life bedlam that a machine might just let me paint more! Still not really into detergent, i like lavendular. having exhibition at Raft ARt Gallery opening, October 9. Yay. HEck. Bloody Hell, shit, get painting sister.

Does anyone else have the problem that when they are about to have an exhibition life has a crazy way of turning on the amps and making it totally crazy and then you go into a frenzy, have show, drop then recover again to make more....

feel like the grass that is trying to grow out of concrete cracks, like n India's picture.


  1. yeah and then you get to the day before hanging and look at all the stuff and think oh god it's shite

    but oddly enough the crowd on opening night [so far] have been strangely reassuring

    at least not as bad as someone i knew once who used to go to bed for seven days of sobbing after an exhibition opening, even when there was massive public acclaim [or perhaps because there was...]

    fingers crossed

  2. Are you marking up an October storm?

  3. yes october storm for paint and process and life...all things seem to flow into the same thing,

    fingers crossed indeed

  4. thats why we do what we do imbi... for the frenzy, the fear, the anxiety, the insecurities, the love, the bliss, the excitement... my very first exhibition opens next week, im shit scared and completly exhillarated all at the same time...