Tuesday, 18 November 2008

ramingining road sign rarrk....

OK while we are kinda on a theme...I went to Raminginging once and was thrilled in the ensuing twilight by this cool road sign - which appeared literally in the middle of nowhere. Right in the centre of Arnhem Land, hundreds of kilometres from anywhere.

This is the first left hand turn since leaving Weemol which is a long way away and the rocks are either some form of bush indicator or else someone broke down out there and was bored for hours waiting for the next car! (I wouldn't want to walk the 103 km's either!)

As for the road sign, I like it! Think it's spray paint. Hmm...road sign rarrk , might be a fresh new art form in central arnhem land!

Black and white, with spots and lines
Red dirt and rock stacks
Long grass

she is growing...


  1. aah, tag rejected....wise woman, can't say i blame you. had mixed feelings about dealing with it myself

    as to the roadsign, it's brilliant and wouldn't look at all out of place in any contemporary artspace. that image alone will probably trigger a thousand quilts....

  2. I am still pondering tag reply... can't seem to find 7 things about me, ha ha!

    The road sign quilt, cross cultural threads!