Wednesday, 19 November 2008

broths and brewskies...

Yum-Cha anyone! Mmm delicious broths and brews on the go...

First up is year old white clay I discovered sitting nicely on the shelf - turning an interesting grey colour. Should be delicious for making nutritious marks.

Second up is the pot of slowly cold cooked quinine - light on the palette, yet on cooking or with rust might add some flavour.

Next is the wondrous concoction of last week - chef's delight; red pigment (not iron oxide as formerly advertised) with some other thing (secret ingredient). The results are fabulous deep red/iron lines on oxidisation... to be continued. (Chef wonders how to work with the lines when they oxidise?)

And finally the desert, not yet complete, is the week old salmon gum bark shaving gumbo pot! Sitting irreverently on the back porch in the sun all day, should be getting fizzy soon and making the tannins rich and dark.

Chef is brewing more as we speak and planning the haemadorum and pogonolobus special....oh yeah not to mention the upcoming secret ingredient........coconut ash!

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  1. brews looking most promising...and very much looking forward to a journey northward to help stir the cauldrons