Monday, 6 August 2012

to landscape to landscape...

 to landscape to landscape to buy a fat pig...
home again home again
jiggity jig...
oh yep.
how i wish to roll in your horizons
and find lines between your latitudes
the fight with the cloud demons
and battle with the blood of earth
to landscape...
i miss you...
you hear me..
why do you persist??


  1. oooo Imbi
    LUST and LOVE
    gosh you are fighting the good fight ..

  2. looking v good grrl...
    how goes it on that run to the hanging date... few people have asked about said dates... good going you!

  3. hey thanks you keeps getting further and further away...
    heaviness of editing and writing keeps getting thicker....but all good!! yay...won't happen over night but it will hope you are well (both)
    and yes lust and love...
    bit of a patchwork lately.