Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Oh My....recently found myself on a plane to Melbourne.
the whole world there is
one huge, swathe of art, paint, grime, grot, noise
and the everpresent...tram dinG!

was a little trip
but wholly worth it.
Saw recent exhibition by Terri Brooks,
met and hung with people who
speak ART language.
had snazzy lunch with Ian Collens, a really nice non-collector of art...
hung with my two special cousins
who both live in warehouses
was introduced to Nick Cave's sound suits....HOLY moly...amazing
caught up with a friend who is making the 12th Apostle for Melbourne Festival...
and walked around alot
(check above sNaps)

thanks big city for the overload of INFORMATION
and sniff of icy antarctic winds....
and most important
the reminder that i love living isolated in the bush with trees xxx


  1. Big cities do overload but they also inspire me. I also love where I live, away from the big cities, on my island. Thanks for the great photos.

  2. would love to have seen Terri's exhibit.