Wednesday, 11 May 2011

the LOST city....

went to Darwin for recent exhibition with my friends
Emma Stocker and Colin Holt....
it was called The LOST City
you can check out some stuff in the link over there ------->

After being chewed up and spat out by Darwin
earlier this year
I returned feeling this journey may be the end
and completion of that time...

I arrived to a heavy blanket
complex, dense and layered
balmy, alive and endless
an edgy battleground of love and hate
simultaneous homesickness for the town that has been home
and loathing at the same time to get me out of there

all things considered, it is an amazing place
the show was great, drank to much red wine
met a Philippino shaman
sat in an over-sized government air conditioner (aka the CHAN building)
talked about art
made new drawings and studies of scungy Darwin surfaces
and sunsets
as always...

i am nostalgic...and yet, do not miss it...
so there...

here's some snaps...


  1. Mmm... liked this trip to Darwin Imbi... your words and images pulled me into the paradoxes and moods that are indeed evocative of the curious place I imagine it to be.

  2. hello dear gondwana sister. i think lying down to paint is a peachy idea! great colours too. x
    ahipara girl.