Thursday, 7 April 2011


went around the new abode
took some snaps
whole house is becoming a living artwork
nothing separate
even the garden is part of it
not much to say
but life is happening

thinking about much
doing lots so i don't think
which makes it busy
and the 8 batteries that hold it altogether
are somewhat hard pressed to charge in this
grey blanket cloud covered forest
when the sun shines
it is goodness
we get nearly 28 Volts of power
but MC Solar says we need 30 Volts

oh is different when it comes from the sun
sometimes i have to sit with quiet...

this new reality
seems steeped in preparations for dealing with the COLD.
chop, saw, carry, light, blow, brrrrr, smoke, stoke
are all new words in my vocabulary
as well as doona, ugg boots, torrential, freezing & steam

change from the steady D-town pulse of everything over 25degrees.

But i like Scandinavian blood is good, enjoying the cold
hands in earth
kooky burras everywhere
and i like the forest at my back door....
i paint.


  1. "i paint"
    good news

    wood fires burn here, and as well there is paint

    thanks for the peeps

  2. love it Imbi....
    your images... and your words... you pulled me right into the essence of this new place of yours.
    interesting when new words have to be plucked from the dictionary to speak for a place.... the unfamiliarity of it... initially anyway!
    Liked your paint markings of it all!

  3. "Tu es l' AS de pique... qui pique mon coeur"

    M.C. Soolar