Friday, 18 June 2010


yes....todays title is 'banjo'
i have been learning the past 6 weeks
the basics and absolutely love it! 

So the story goes...
my friend and i decided late on friday night 
that instead of sitting around by ourselves, 
we would take our banjo and puppet conversation 
to the streets. 
we grabbed some chairs, water and the kit
i got my cowgirl boots and hat, 
we jumped in the blue balooga whale ute
and kicked it....

her puppet, affectionatley known as 'noway'
has fluffy yellow pants 
and a possum look in his/her eyes...
and my banjo makes nice noises. 

busking is a cool social observational exercise.
had a british backpacker very close to my face
telling me to 'play the guitar, i want to hear indi pop, 
british indi pop, i hate the banjo, play me some guitar....'
his beer breath and brain couldn't grasp the idea that
a banjo is a banjo and not a guitar....oh well....

one man sat and listened, closed his eyes, 
as I played noway a sad song in Aminor, 
he stood up, pulled out his fat wallet
and plonked a $50 on my banjo bag.

all in all our conversation in music and motion
proved economically viable
and most importantly it was....
so much FUN.....

british indi pop can suck my _____, and the banjo
well....we can keep playing
waltzing matilda.....


  1. And beautiful birds in flight. Fridays are for fun and banjos.

  2. good for you...might try taking the sax to the streets and offering to keep silent for cash....