Wednesday, 26 May 2010


sometimes cracks appear in the armour...
when i am not as tough as what i want to be....
when i want to pretend that i am impermeable,
that nothing can move the mountain.

but sometimes, i am just human...
simple, complex, alive.
no more no less than anything else....
am moved by my soul, this soul
where fire burns, sometimes hot, you get burned

other times we are all just fools....
aboard a rudderless ship. 
landing in places where we do not know

other times, the tyranny of distance
can sway us. move us, destroy us,
erode our mountain
like a river carving valleys.
tired of this stupid love song.
the (uni)verse, poem of love or pain


  1. i feel your words.

    sometimes our hearts feel torn, but that don’t stop them drumming out their music.

    sometimes the feeling changes my hearts rhythm and ive inadvertently created a new song which is beautiful and powerful

    then, somehow, i embrace the F*d up stuff... but mostly i surrender

  2. Evolutionary movement is on going, large and juicy, but not without it's pain. I wonder if that is what a butterfly feels when struggling to emerge from its cocoon?
    I see your artist's eye for composition and marks in your photos. Always inspiring to visit here.

  3. Life is full of ups and downs- coming together and letting go-- in our relationships and in our art