Thursday, 15 April 2010

bored self-obsessed

here is a recent new work
been using webcam
kinda like it

painting is squeezing in between the cracks
of study and research

this painting was born from the stars
when i sat around a fire

perhaps there is nothing intelligent to say
about the process...

sometimes i wish i could fall into the paint. 

some naughty dogs from across the street 
came over and ate some canvasses
was slightly grumpy 
they are all good: re-primed them
and they have lovely footprints on the back!

i really believe art is life
nothing is separate
dirt, dog-hair and all

i wonder how that will go with wanky art collectors
and archival experts
who love clean, neat canvasses -
except where the paint is meant to be

i don't subscribe to that.
perhaps it is all emotional vomit anyway

thinking about painting as artist vomit 
makes me think about some things quite differently.

especially Van Gogh's painting 'Sunflowers'....
imagine vomiting sunflowers...

an integrally beautiful inner world
must have grown within this man...
vomiting a starry night also.

anyway....i need to eat!!! 

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