Saturday, 12 December 2009

eye of the storm.....

woah and wow and ahhhhhh
we have been in the midst of a tropical low, currently moving into a possible cyclone
i live in the place where i put the red dot!!!
the eye of the storm.
it has been windy
raining raining raining raining and raining
so much water
so much weather
full on
bring it on!!!!

never rains but it pours.....


  1. I can see from the weather bureau website that you are having a heap of rain and wind. Stay safe.

  2. there is an exhilaration
    to these tropical downpours
    you are happy
    you are excited
    you are terrified
    keep yourself safe

  3. hug that dot close so it doesn't blow off the map...x

  4. storms can be scary and exciting at the same time-- but they do pass and then the calm again.

  5. There - rain. Here - snow. There - wind. Here - calm. Storms in their many manifestations, just like marks.

  6. I was on the phone to a friend in Derby on Wednesday and had totally forgotten about the Tropical Depression that had dumped all that rain on Darwin....
    By Wednesday it had turned into a category 5 cyclone headed straight for Derby WA.
    No wonder she sounded kind of frantic...
    Looks like it's petering out over land now. Whew