Friday, 21 August 2009

darwin blah

sometimes in Darwin people go a bit nuts and drive off the edge of the harbour
other times they do silly things
even our politicians are nuts....
slightly edgy tales from the frontier town
that really is still weird
but lovely
we have a wave pool now...
but it seems so out of place
it needs a paint job and some scratching
some rust and mould to make it beautiful.
but i love paint. how it appears in all places.
even on the edge of the world....
bless the mangoes
which are rapidly getting fat.
lucky we have winds from everywhere
gotta paint big time, damn.
and jump off the harbour
into croc infested, stinger salty sea
damn twice. can't even swim there.


  1. Caught the article about you in the "Textile" mag.Your work looked great.

  2. NExt time i think i will get better pix...seemed washed out and learn eh. But ta, is good to have some words out there somewhere! Was an awesome thing to have been a part of.