Tuesday, 11 August 2009

button faeries and footfalls

well...let's start in wellington....
street installations and bits
was a bit tipsy and discovered in a hazy
beatles infused time warp these lovely panels
was all about love
i felt it
hard out
then there were wild horses...

and birds of freedom in homeless shelters
the wonders of wellington town

oh yeah and the random knit business
was founded everywhere
even in trees eh bro

oh then i went to the snow
and had fun fun cold fun
but amazed at that crunchy stuff
oh my first ice thing....
couldn't do a cheesy snowman
sorry kids!!!

mountain lightblinged out thermies with ants

this wild top end mustang goes into the deep snow...w for wicked

but before all of that was the button faerie of course.....
aka: meastro knuckles mama knuckles and the button faerie

we met a phoenix and her collection of paua and old rusty pirate knife

the colours were astounding....
the sentinals watch over it all
waiting by the sea
watching the light rise and fall
waiting to see if she will ever come back
out from the long place
with moutains high
p.s. didn't get to see colin.

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