Friday, 20 March 2009

snakes for breakfast

this morning we woke up as little girl walked outside cos she wanted vegemite instead of peanut butter on her toast...usual thing.

She had been outside for a while, so checked out the back, went inside and just out of the corner of my eye i saw this pattern on the table....
my other big girl went 'muuuuum' and then it dawned upon me.....

a big (like BIGGGGG) 3 metre carpet python was on the table....shhhhiiittttttt
i jumped and freaked. Man, it was still freaking out.

We also have a pet water moniter and birds....people asked me how do you live in this wild land and now i pause to ponder whether i will want to have breakfast outside again!!!


  1. oh me gosh. that's a biggy.but better a 3 metre python than a 3 metre brown snake any day.
    just make sure it doesn't crawl into bed with you...