Tuesday, 10 March 2009


imbi has a boil....

imbi is tired

imbi is sore

imbi is installing

imbi has just moved

imbi has a girl with whooping cough

imbi is whinging

imbi is still in breakup world

imbi is in the zone of 3rd/4th parties

imbi is...........ready

to sleep

to sleep

to sleep

and sleep

and rest

to cough up all the goop

squeeze all the puss

finish ironing and sewing

sit with guitar

sit with kids

read dr.suess

read pooh bear

curl into a ball

and sleep



imbi is still smiling

just sore everywhere


  1. poor Imbi-bear...wish i could be there for your opening and to administer honey
    sleep well

  2. ditto. if this is what u create when u r low, what the heck do you do when u are fit as a fiddle???! i am gobsmacked, this is the most amazing work, far out. how inspiring. now my work feels rigid. need to loosen up, stretch and this outside the square. imbi is inspirational.