Monday, 30 March 2009

i have been collecting some things and found these lovely repair jobs - was enjoying them so much had to share
there were a few different handstyles
but the spiral ones i like the most
very lovely
very very
am using these objects
as a basis for new work
i like that they come with
a story already
patched upon
their surface


  1. YUMMY. wander over to and have a look at sakaburo...and everything else there that's deliciously patched.
    in a textile warehouse in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago i spent twenty minutes untangling a 7 metrelong x 20cm wide silk length that reads as one long story of darning and patching and suturing.

    still gazing at it raptly wondering whether i dare to intervene...

  2. oooh i reckon....painted over some of the stitching and now regretful! Sounds like a 7m length of treasure!
    thanx for link - my god they are beautifullllllllllll
    the stitching is wonderfull
    things...anything broken and restitched together seems to sing at the mo!

  3. have you had a look at Dorothy Caldwell's work? there's a nice link to her "in good repair" exhibition from the side-bar of my blog...